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Here at kittens 4 al-qaeda we believe that if the war-hardened terrorists received a cute little kitten they will see their wrong doings and learn to Love.

No matter how many innocent people the terrorist might have killed.....
We have just the right kitten.

This is Blackie, Bin Laden's second cat.

This al-qaeda member was touched by our actions.

That's cute.

BREAKING NEWS! straight from the Algerzera TV network:
This man is finally going to give his mother
a card for Mothers Day!

Then minutes later after this code was broken on national TV: we couldn't quite understand what his last phrase was before the Al-Qaeda members killed him but we think it was something like this "PRAZE teh kitins!!1"

Here we learn a little about the spiritual beliefs of these zealous nomadic
people. According to Ali aljihadizirmuhamad, if a pet is especially
treasured, it is dressed in kind as any member of the faction would
be(only male members, of course, because women don't belong in heaven
for these gentle people) and buried along with the lost al-qaeda
member so that he may join his master in paradise and have 72 litters
of his very own" Yes, truly we must respect the beliefs and practices
of those different than us.


© copyright 2006 Kittens 4 Al-Qaeda

This site is meant as a joke and we have no connection to al-qaeda. Thanks.
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